Two celebratory exhibitions will be open to conference attendees.

Scores, letters and memorabilia from the extensive Boydell Collection currently housed in the Manuscripts and Archives Research Library at TCD will be on view in the Long Room during the conference. More details on access to follow.

See also the online exhibition of supplementary materials from the collection curated by Roy Stanley, music librarian at TCD.

To mark the special lecture that Peter Murray, Director of Crawford Art Gallery Cork will deliver on Boydell as a painter, a number of Boydell’s own contributions to painting will be housed in Trinity Long Room Hub (Saturday only) – with thanks to the Boydell family, most especially Cormac Boydell, and others who have loaned art works. See below for one such example:


Gunnera 1944(?), Brian Boydell, 30cm x 34cm, oil on canvas, collection Boydell Family